• Preparing for the 2014 Hurricane Season

    In late summer 2011, our district was hit with a 500-year flood caused by both Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Homes were destroyed, businesses were lost, and lives were shattered. As the 2014 hurricane season begins, I believe it is important that our community takes steps to withstand the next disaster.
  • Become a Congressional Intern

    My Washington, DC office and district offices in Hazleton, Carlisle, Harrisburg, and Sunbury offer internships throughout the year. Congressional interns have the unique opportunity to learn about the legislative process and the many other functions of our nation's federal government.
  • Rep. Barletta Protects Hardworking Americans and Job Creators

    “This legislation is a critical step in helping to protect our nation’s employees and employers from a potentially devastating redefinition of workforce status,” said Rep. Barletta. “For over 40 years, America’s workforce has used the traditional 40 hour work week to define full-time employees, and I firmly believe that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it."
  • House Immigration Principles: Not Working for the American People

    No one is denying that our nation’s immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, the immigration proposal recently unveiled by House leaders bears an uncanny resemblance to a “piecemeal” repackaging of the disastrous Senate plan. If it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.
  • Rep. Barletta: A Voice for Our Nation's Volunteer Firefighters

    Rep. Barletta introduced the Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act to exempt volunteer firefighters and volunteers providing emergency medical services from the Employer Mandate Provision of Obamacare. Forcing volunteer fire companies to comply with the this provision will not extend health insurance to the uninsured – rather it will close firehouses and place communities at risk.

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