Barletta Bulletin 10.5.14

Oct 6, 2014
Barletta Bulletin

Protecting our Nation Against the Rise of the Islamic State

As a nation, we have faced many threats to our national security since our founding over 238 years ago.  But the danger presented by the Islamic State may be unique in its hostility, raw hatred, and dedication to eliminating the United States from existence.  They will attack at will, without provocation, and without regard for the lives of any innocent people who stand in their way.  In fact, the more innocent the lives they take, the better – for their purposes.

I am pleased that President Obama has finally acknowledged the threat the Islamic State presents to our national security.  Not content with wreaking havoc in their own corner of the Middle East, these terrorists have conquered territory, beheaded innocent Americans, forged allegiances with al Qaeda, threatened to strike us at home, and pledged to raise their flag over the White House.  They are a muscular and growing menace that must be dispatched.

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