Barletta Bulletin 12.9.14

Dec 9, 2014
Barletta Bulletin

Thank You For Your Support

You may have heard that I had a fairly significant health scare last month which involved the warning signs of a stroke.  As a rule, I take care of myself pretty well by exercising regularly and watching what I eat, so I might have been tempted to ignore the temporary vision problems I was experiencing, or even the sensation of being disoriented in familiar surroundings in Harrisburg.  Fortunately, however, I was touring the Penn State-Hershey Children’s Hospital the day I was experiencing these symptoms and decided to get myself checked out.  Following some preliminary tests, I made an appointment for a return visit scheduled for the day before Election Day.

It was on that second visit that my doctors told me that I had some plaque dangling inside my right carotid artery, which unless addressed immediately, could break free and cause a major stroke at any moment.

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