Barletta Bulletin 8.6.15

Aug 6, 2015
Barletta Bulletin

Saying No to the Poorly Negotiated Iran Nuclear Deal

On July 14, 2015, the Obama administration announced the United States and other world powers had finalized a deal with Iran regarding their pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Under the deal, sanctions against Iran would be lifted in exchange for changed limits of that nation’s nuclear material enrichment program.  Congress will have sixty days to review the deal before approving or rejecting it.  

After examining the agreement and hearing directly from both Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, I have serious concerns about American access to nuclear facilities in Iran, the timeliness of the inspections, and the lifting of economic sanctions.  Therefore, I cannot support this very bad, very poorly negotiated, and weakly drafted agreement, and have proactively gone on the record with my opposition to this agreement by cosponsoring Representative Peter Roskam’s (IL-6) disapproval resolution (H.Res. 367).

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