Jun 19, 2017
Barletta Bulletin
Remembering What Unites Us

Tragedy struck this week when a gunman opened fire at the Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding five people, including my colleague, Congressman Steve Scalise, two members of the Capitol Police, and both a current and former congressional aide.  This is the first year since I came to Congress in 2011 that I did not play in the Congressional Baseball Game.  I am still sickened by this horrific and senseless tragedy.  I commend the Capitol Police for their quick action in the face of danger.  Specifically, I thank Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner for their courage to run toward the gunfire, saving lives and preventing a potential massacre.  These men and women, along with the first responders, are truly heroes – not just this past Wednesday, but every day.

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