Barletta Commends Roll-Back of Obama-Era Assault on Coal

Mar 28, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) today applauded the Trump Administration’s Energy Independence Executive Order, which rolls-back regulatory overreach included in the Obama Administration’s so-called Clean Power Plan.  The new executive order takes a number of steps to reduce unnecessary Obama-era regulations that hinder American job creation, reduce our energy independence, and raise energy costs.  Barletta previously sponsored two resolutions and signed an amicus brief in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of overturning the Obama Administration’s excessive regulations.

“When President Obama was a candidate, he said that he would bankrupt the coal industry.  That was one of the few campaign promises he tried to keep,” Barletta said.  “Fortunately, President Trump is following through on his pledge to reverse the effects of Obama’s War on Coal and put Americans back to work.  In Pennsylvania, the coal industry supports 36,000 jobs and supplies electricity to millions of residents.  The president’s executive order today will support good-paying jobs for our workers, encourage the production of energy here in America, and lower fuel prices and heating costs for our residents.  This move puts the interests of Pennsylvanians ahead of environmental extremists.”

The Energy Independence Executive Order calls for an immediate re-evaluation of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which set unrealistic goals for emissions limits and would have increased energy and heating prices while cutting American jobs.  The order also lifts the ban on federal leasing for coal production, removes job-crushing restrictions on energy production, and strips excessive power from unelected Washington bureaucrats and returns it to the states.