Barletta Statement on SCOTUS Halt to Obama EPA Abuses

Feb 10, 2016
Press Release
High Court Stops Implementation of Clean Power Plan until Legal Challenges Heard

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, today issued a statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision to halt implementation of President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” until legal challenges to the program can be resolved.  The plan from Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the most far-reaching and burdensome environmental rule ever forced on states, according to the 26 states fighting against it.

Barletta’s statement is as follows:

“President Obama views himself as a king rather than an elected leader and, as such, does not concern himself with the constraints of the Constitution.  Each time Congress attempts to rein him in, he vetoes legislation and moves even farther afield from the law, which leaves us no recourse but the courts.  I am pleased that the Supreme Court has placed a hold on the president’s latest EPA power grab until the legal challenges can be sorted out.

“This is another example of the Obama Administration’s expansion of the War on Coal, ruling through the EPA, and bypassing Congress.  The plan will set unrealistic goals for emissions limits, drive energy prices higher, and cost jobs in the private sector.  It will make it more expensive to cool houses in the summer and heat homes in the winter.  The cost of manufacturing will increase, along with the prices of goods and services.  The EPA regulations are an enormous, purposeful, artificial drag on the economy aimed at controlling people’s behavior more than protecting the environment.   

“Clearly there is no reason to race toward implementing Governor Wolf’s similar plan for Pennsylvania.  I urge the governor to reconsider his own actions and think of the 36,000 coal-related jobs in the commonwealth and the $4 billion the industry pumps into our economy every year.  It’s time to side with the people of Pennsylvania instead of the environmental extremists.”