Barletta Statement Regarding Independence Day 2016

Jun 30, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) today issued the following statement regarding Independence Day, Monday, July 4, 2016:

“Two hundred forty years ago, a group of brave patriots gathered in Philadelphia to do the unthinkable.  They declared their independence from the mightiest nation on the planet, knowing full well that their actions would lead to war, death, and the possible extinction of their fledgling revolution.  Undeterred, they published a litany of grievances with the British crown and proclaimed certain self-evident truths, including the equality of all and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It has not always been a smooth path this country has traveled, but the result has been the greatest and most freedom-loving country the world has ever seen.

“As the recent vote in Great Britain demonstrated, a free people will always seek self-rule and determination, and will bristle at decisions being made for them by distant bureaucracies and rulers who do not enjoy the consent of the governed.  The selection of freedom is always the correct decision, as time has proven through the continued success and prosperity of these United States, the grandest experiment in representative democracy in history.”