Barletta Statement Regarding Obama Release of Censored Orlando 911 Calls

Jun 20, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) today issued a statement regarding the Obama Administration’s release of censored transcripts of the 911 calls placed by the shooter in the Orlando terrorist attack.  In the released transcripts, the shooter’s references to his motives and his pledge of allegiance to the Islamic terror organization ISIS have been scrubbed.  Those deleted proclamations by the shooter have already been widely publicized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and many members of the news media.

Barletta’s statement is as follows:

“We already know that President Obama is reluctant to give name to the threat that is Islamic terrorism, but now we see that he is also censoring the basic facts of this most recent terror attack.  We have long feared that political correctness has been hampering our nation’s response to terror threats, and now it is being taken a step further by preventing Americans from having a clear picture of what happened in Orlando and why.  The president should release the full transcripts so that there can be no sugarcoating exactly what we are up against as a nation.”