Barletta Statement Regarding Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

Mar 22, 2016
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, today issued the following statement regarding the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium this morning, leaving at least 31 dead and scores of others wounded:

“Details are still coming in, but from what we already know, this attack has all of the hallmarks of an assault by the Islamic State, or was at the very least inspired by the terrorist group.  This immediately brings to mind the Paris attacks of last year and the ISIS-inspired terrorism in San Bernardino, California.  Whether the Brussels attacks were in response to recent arrests connected to Paris is unclear at this moment, but that possibility should not shake us from staying vigilant and rooting out terrorism wherever it roosts.   

“If anyone doubts that our porous borders and faulty visa system are national security concerns, we need only look across the Atlantic Ocean, and here at home in California, at the devastation the terrorists have wrought.  These terrorists and their followers will stop at nothing to attack us on our own soil again, and we must take away all of the tools they would use to achieve their violent goals.  I am again reminded of the 9/11 Commission Report, which told us that terrorists want two things most of all: to gain entry into the United States and to be able to stay here long enough to carry out their missions.  I fear that our lax policies have made it too easy for them.  For another example of our national security flaws, we only need to look to Harrisburg, where a 23-year-old Ukrainian man was fraudulently enrolled under a fake name in a public high school. 

“It must now be abundantly clear to anyone that we are at war with radical, Islamic terrorist groups, because they are most assuredly at war with us.”