Barletta Supports Energy Bills: Expanding Production, Creating Jobs

Nov 21, 2013
Press Release

- Red Tape Reduction, States’ Sovereignty, Natural Gas Pipelines - 


WASHINGTON– Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, is supporting a series of bills that would streamline efforts to increase energy production in the United States, allow states to better pursue their own programs to produce natural gas, and ease the way for the construction of natural gas pipelines.  The legislation is an effort to increase America’s energy independence and spur industries that would create jobs across the country.  All of the legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

“We keep hearing that we have to remove ourselves from dependence on foreign sources of energy, and I agree,” Barletta said.  “The president boasts that we have expanded production, but all of the growth he claims has been on state and private land, not federal land.  The federal government has been a hindrance, meaning that any overall increase has been despite its efforts, not because of it.  If we really want to move forward, we can substantially increase our energy supply, create jobs, and increase federal revenue for important infrastructure improvements without raising taxes.”

H.R. 1965: Federal Lands Jobs and Energy Security Act of 2013

The legislation is a package of bills that will help expand onshore energy production and create new jobs by cutting through government red-tape and regulations.  The bill streamlines the leasing process for oil and natural gas projects on federal lands to reduce delays and makes permitting easier.  Further, it requires the Secretary of the Interior to formulate a strategic plan every four years on how to responsibly develop our federal lands energy resources.   

H.R. 2728: Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act

The bill protects states by prohibiting the Interior Department from enforcing federal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) regulations in any state that already has regulations while also recognizing states’ authority to regulate fracking.  It also limits the ability of the Executive Branch to impose redundant regulations on hydraulic fracturing.  Barletta is a cosponsor of this bill.   

H.R. 1900: Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act 

The legislation expedites and modernizes the federal review process for natural gas pipeline permits and speeds construction of new pipelines to transport the our growing natural gas production.  Barletta is a cosponsor of this bill.

“Pennsylvania is blessed with enormous reserves of natural resources, and we could be a leader in the world – not just the nation – in energy production if we just unleash the potential we have,” Barletta said.  “Plenty of politicians talk the talk about energy independence, but we in the House are actually doing something about it.  I hope the Senate will see the benefits of passing these important energy bills.”