Congressman Barletta Votes To Keep Government Operating

Mar 1, 2011
Press Release


WASHINGTON– 11th Congressional District Representative Lou Barletta released the following statement regarding his vote in support of the stop-gap Continuing Resolution known as H. J. Res. 44.

“Today, I voted to keep our government open for business,” Barletta said. “During these tough economic times, it is important that we must make every effort to present a needless interruption of government services while at the same time finding ways to get our fiscal house in order. The Continuing Resolution passed today will not only keep our government running, it will reduce government spending by more than $4 billion.

“While this bill serves as an answer to the threat of a possible government shutdown, it is by no means a solution to our current fiscal situation. I was proud to join with at least a dozen of my colleagues in the House in calling on the Senate to pass an additional $100 billion in necessary spending reductions, because it is time for our government to accept our new economic realities.”

In addition to voting in favor or H.J. Res. 44, Congressman Barletta joined at least a dozen of his colleagues to ask Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye to begin consideration of H.R. 1, which would fund the federal government through the end of Fiscal Year 2011.