Congressman Barletta Votes To Repeal Job-Crushing Health Care Law

Jan 19, 2011
Press Release


WASHINGTON – 11th Congressional District Representative Lou Barletta released the following statement regarding his vote to repeal the job-crushing act known as ObamaCare.

“Today, I proudly cast a vote in favor of repealing one of the most job-crushing laws in American history,” Barletta said. “ObamaCare seeks to drastically expand the size of government at the expense of our economy, our seniors and the millions of American families who are struggling just to make ends meet. At a time when nearly 1 in 10 of my neighbors in the 11th Congressional District are struggling to find work, now is hardly the time to be implementing a plan that will cost our country jobs and add $701 billion to the deficit in the first ten years alone.

“My vote to repeal ObamaCare is a vote to support the 7.5 million American seniors who are in danger of losing their drug coverage due to the $206 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage.

“The people of the 11th Congressional District deserve a common-sense approach to reforming our health care system that will keep costs low, protects our seniors and families, and allow our economy the freedom to grow and create jobs.  It’s time for our economy to grow instead of our government, and tonight’s vote to repeal ObamaCare is an important step in the right direction.”