Leading by example: Rep. Barletta reduces Congress' 2012 budget

Jul 22, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON– As the president and Senate Democrats continue to balk at implementing spending cuts and restoring fiscal sanity to Washington, U.S. Representative Lou Barletta, PA-11, voted for a plan that cuts next year’s congressional spending by more than 12 percent below President Obama’s request.

“I was sent to Washington to get our fiscal house in order, so what better way to do that than by starting with our own spending? In the absence of leadership by either the president or Democrats in the Senate, we in the House are leading by example and cutting our own budget,” Rep. Barletta said. “Millions of Americans have to make due with less nowadays because of the president’s crippling economic policies and overregulation that’s stifling small business. Politicians in Washington can take a lesson and learn to make due with less. I’m proud to have voted to cut our spending in the House by a serious and substantial amount.”



H.R. 2551, the Fiscal Year 2012 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill, includes $1.2 billion for the operations of the House. This is a cut of $84.7 million, or 6.5 percent, from the FY2011 enacted level, and $142.3 million, or 10.4 percent, less than FY10 levels.

The entire bill provides $3.3 billion in FY12, excluding Senate items (which are traditionally left to the Senate to determine). This is $227 million (6.4 percent) less than the FY2011 enacted level, and $472 million (12.4 percent) less than amount requested by President Obama.

Since January 2011, the spending overseen by the Legislative Branch Subcommittee has been cut by 9 percent from FY10 spending levels, returning the subcommittee’s spending levels to $111 million below FY09 levels. This is the largest-ever two-year reduction for this bill ­– $329 million in total. (Source: Committee on Appropriations)

H.R. 2551 would provide funding for a number of legislative agencies, including all House staff and expenses, the Capitol Police, the House-portion of funding for the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), the Library of Congress (LOC), the Government Printing Office (GPO), the Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).