Rep. Barletta calls on President Obama to address illegal immigration during 'jobs speech'

Sep 7, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta said President Obama must address illegal immigration as part of his speech to a joint session of Congress on Thursday evening.

“Millions of illegal aliens steal jobs from legal American workers. Even the most conservative estimates indicate that between 10 million to 12 million jobs are being stolen by illegal aliens. Imagine if we could give 10 million unemployed Americans those jobs. Think about what that would do for their families, for their communities, and for our nation,” Rep. Barletta said. “If President Obama is going to talk about jobs, he must advocate a crackdown on illegal immigration through stronger enforcement of existing law. If you take away their jobs, illegal aliens will self-deport, and millions of legal American workers will be able to fill those jobs.”

But, based on recent decisions by the Obama Administration, Rep. Barletta is very confident the president will not call for a crackdown on illegal immigration during his speech.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Obama Administration gave illegal aliens permission to stay and continue stealing jobs from legal American workers through a de facto amnesty order. I do not expect President Obama to suddenly change course and start enforcing the rule of immigration law – despite the fact that doing so would open millions of jobs to legal American workers,” Rep. Barletta said.

“Illegal aliens not only steal jobs from legal American workers, but they defraud the American taxpayer. Last week, we learned that the IRS allowed illegal aliens to collect $4.2 billion in tax credits they aren’t entitled to. How does this administration allow this to happen? At a time when we’re cutting waste, fraud, and abuse, the Obama Administration now openly allows people to defraud the system, so it’s only going to get worse.

“President Obama’s policies have so far halted job creation in the United States, so if he cannot create new jobs, he can free up existing jobs by cracking down on illegal immigration. There can be no solution for America’s jobs problem if illegal immigration is not addressed.”