Rep. Barletta fights for more disaster recovery funding

Sep 23, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON– Rep. Lou Barletta, PA-11, tonight voted for a continuing resolution after he fought for and received assurances by House leadership that more federal assistance will be available to flood victims in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The continuing resolution will add $1 billion to the 2011 budget of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – something that should start bringing relief to constituents ravaged by recent flooding.

“House leaders, including Speaker Boehner himself, have personally assured me that this is just the first step in providing federal disaster relief funding to flood victims in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor, Majority Whip McCarthy, and others in leadership have pledged to help my constituents recover from this devastating flood,” Rep. Barletta said.

“I plan on working with House leaders to fight for every federal dollar that the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania are entitled to. I’m going to work to change the way the United States provides loans to businesses affected by disasters. I will push for adequate funding for flood mitigation projects so this scale of disaster doesn’t happen again,” he added.

“The simple fact is, FEMA was going to run out of money Sunday night. I could not in good conscience let that happen. My vote tonight – along with the assurances I received from House leadership – ensure that FEMA can continue to help my constituents recover from this disaster,”Rep. Barletta said.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement about Rep. Barletta’s role after the House passed the funding bill:“Representative Barletta stressed to me that it is vital that the flood victims in his district receive the federal aid they need, and that they get it in a timely manner. He also asked me to assure the residents, business owners, and municipal leaders that the federal government will take steps to protect them from this level of flooding in the future. Thanks in part to Representative Barletta’s persistence, flood victims in Northeastern Pennsylvania will receive the federal help they need, both now and down the road.”

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA22) said of Rep. Barletta’s advocacy for his constituents in Northeastern Pennsylvania:“Representative Barletta fought hard so the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania receive the disaster relief money they desperately need. The leadership of the House is going to work with him to help provide adequate federal funds for recovery and flood mitigation projects in the future.”

The continuing resolution includes: A total of $3.65 billion for disaster relief $1 billion is designated for fiscal year 2011 and will be available immediately upon enactment of the bill. This includes:

·         $226 million for Army Corps of Engineers flood control efforts

·         $774 million for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) $2.65 billion for the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) is provided for Fiscal Year 2012