Rep. Barletta Statement on Visa Issues in Boston Bombing Case

May 2, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, has issued the following statement regarding numerous news reports that there were visa violations associated with at least one of the three suspects arrested this week for assisting one of the accused Boston Marathon Bombers:


“If these reports are true and there were visa problems and the suspect was still allowed into the country then this is a serious violation of national security.  This would be a blatant demonstration that there are more serious flaws in a system that nearly everyone already has agreed is broken.


“I have been concerned about the problem of visa overstays for some time, and now it appears that it is somewhat easy to enter the country without a proper visa at all.


“Much of the debate about illegal immigration has centered on the misguided notion of granting amnesty for illegal immigrants already present.  This horrific episode proves that before anyone even entertains amnesty for illegal aliens, we should make sure our borders are secure.  While that does mean our northern, southern and coastal borders, it also means our internal points of entry as well.  As I have said many times, if your state is home to an international airport, you effectively live in a border state.


“There are those who are intent on doing this nation harm, and some of them are already here.  I support and look forward to Congressional hearings to investigate the entire situation thoroughly.”