Rep. Barletta Statement Regarding President Obama's Health Care Speech

Dec 3, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta, PA-11, today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s afternoon remarks, which signaled the beginning of a new White House effort to promote Obamacare to a skeptical nation:

“Typically, you use a sales pitch to convince someone to buy what you are selling.  In this case, the president is trying to convince people – after the fact – to like what they didn’t ask for, didn’t want, and can’t afford.  When he had his chance to really pitch it to the American people in the last election, he did so with a false promise.  Anything after that is nothing but damage control aimed at settling down the nervous members of his own political party.

“We now know that if you liked your health insurance, you might not be able to keep it.  If you liked your premiums and deductibles the way they were, you’ll probably soon have less money in your pocket.  If your employer provides your health care, your contributions might go up or you may lose the policy you’ve liked for years.  And just recently we learned that even volunteer firefighters might be subject to the law, meaning a potential blow to public safety as fire companies assess whether they can absorb the cost or not.

“The American people are saying ‘no thanks’ to the salesman in the White House.  Everywhere you turn today, there are delays in the law enacted and legislative fixes proposed.  I support full repeal and a fresh start, but until the Senate and the administration agree, we’re left to nibble around the edges of a terrible law.  And a thousand eloquent speeches won’t change that one bit.”