Rep. Lou Barletta supports the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel

May 24, 2011
Press Release


WASHINGTON– U.S. Representative Lou Barletta, PA-11, released the following statement after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress on Tuesday:

“Hearing from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the joint session of Congress only strengthened the respect I have for the people of Israel. I was proud to sit in the House chamber and listen to the prime minister express his support for democracy, for freedom, and for the special relationship the United States shares with Israel.

“I was extremely surprised and frustrated by the president’s recent remarks about Israel, in which he advocated reducing the size of Israel. Changing Israel’s borders would jeopardize Israel’s security and make it more vulnerable to attack.

“With the speech he delivered last Thursday, the president reversed decades of American foreign policy and appeared to embrace a new stance that advocates the appeasement of hardline terrorists – in exchange for nothing in return from the Palestinian Authority. The president should understand that a trading land for peace will never work because hardline terrorists don’t just want land – they want to wipe Israel off the map. Israel has the right to defend itself as it pursues peace for its people through a viable, two-state solution.

“The United States cannot focus on forcing Israel to make concession after concession in its security while ignoring the real obstacle to Middle East peace – the Palestinian leadership’s refusal to negotiate, its failure to clearly renounce and crack down on hardline terrorists, and its failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.”