Statement of Rep. Barletta Regarding Syria

Sep 6, 2013
Press Release

I'll be getting a classified briefing next week, where I expect to get all of the facts. However, I think the president needs to make his case, explain what the plan is, and what the possible unintended consequences of action might be. Additionally, he needs to build a coalition of other nations. I agree that the use of chemical weapons is deplorable, but we should not go into an enforcement effort alone.

What happens if Russia gets involved, or Iran? What about the threats of retaliation against America or Israel? Then there is the problem of Al Qaeda being intertwined with the Syrian rebels. We should not enter into something blindly and find ourselves involved in a regional war.

I have heard from many hundreds of residents of my district and nearly all of them are against military action. I will weigh that, as well as the information I receive next week very carefully before casting my vote.